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about us

Hi! My name is Annie and I am a trained tea sommelier from Taiwan:)

I grew up in an agricultural place in Taiwan where tea is a ceremony to connect everyone together. During my teenage time living in the UK, I observed another tea culture that makes me feel fascinating how tea can be presented differently in different cultures. Since then, I started to visit tea farms to learn farming process whenever I’m in Taiwan.

Back in 2015, when I was 20, I came to Lund for a year exchange and had fallen in love to this small town. After graduating from university, I worked in the food and tea certification industry in Brussels for some years with sommeliers and chefs from all around the world. 

These experiences make it clearer for me to conduct an organic farming project by starting my company: Tea Wonderland, with focus on organic tea leaves. In the Christmas season of 2021, we open our Tea House in this international town- Lund.

I hope Annie's Tea house can be one of your favourite to-go place in Lund. And when you think about us, it reminds you of the beautiful moments when you are drinking the tasty boba tea with your families, friends or with yourself. 

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