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Boba Tea Class! Make your own boba!

Boba Tea Class! Make your own boba!

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Tea is diversed. Not only of pure tea, we also offer boba tea tasting! Boba tea is the fun tea drink made of tapioca pearl, teas and milk. 

Participants can make their own boba tea by choosing different flavours of toppings (strawberry, mango, passionfruit, lychee or tapioca), teas, milk type (original milk, lactose free milk, vegan milk) and choose the sugar level for their drink.

It will be a fun event to enjoy the tea together, explore bubble tea and chat. 


Minimum participants: 15 people/ 5000 kr

(Material will be enough for every participant to make at least 2 boba drinks) 

You're welcome to book the event even if you have less than minimum participants. Material will be provided as for 15 people's portion.

Please find below options for more than 15 people. Welcome to in contact with us at if you have any questions

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