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Tea tasting with Asian cuisine

Tea tasting with Asian cuisine

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3-4 teas will be provided for the event. We will prepare Asian cuisine as food pairing to enjoy with these teas. Teas are an important virtue in Asian culture to open the appetite and improve digestion of food. With food pairings, it will be another experience for participants to enjoy the tea tasting.

Our Asian cuisine is prepared by the licensed kitchen in Lund Saluhallen. Before the event and on the day of the event, we will provide the detailed ingredients of each cuisine to the companies. This is to ensure people are aware what they will eat and to avoid any possible allergy. Every tea tasting consist of two Asian cuisine of your choice. Every extra cuisine option will cost 850kr extra for 15 portion.

Asian cuisine options 

*Thai curry (Chicken or Vegetarian)

*Spring roll (Chicken, Pork, Vegetarian or Vegan)

*Fried Rice/Fried noodles (Vegetarian, Pork, Chicken)

*Rice balls (Vegetarian, Pork, Meat option)

*Noodle Soup (Vegetarian, Chicken)


Minimum participants: 15 people/ 4600 kr

You're welcome to book the event even if you have less than minimum participants. Food will be provided as for 15 people's portion.

Please find below options for more than 15 people. Welcome to in contact with us at if you have any questions

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