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Tea Tasting with Asian-inspired pastries

Tea Tasting with Asian-inspired pastries

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YA cup of hot teas or ice teas with pastries is something you would not want to miss. After travelling hundreds of the Cafés across East Asia, we come out with our own pastry pairings that fit the best with our offered teas. Via this tea tasting, we wish to bring you several hours back to Asia. 

All pastries are made in our licensed kitchen in Lund. Every event will come with 2 food pairings provided based on customers' choice. Every extra pastry option will cost 450kr extra for 10 portion.

*Strawberry Mochi : Made with fresh strawberry harvested in summer along with rice flour. This is the pastry you would not wanna miss in summer. It is vegetarian and vegan.

*Oolong tea cake (vegan or vegetarian)

*Brown sugar cake (only vegetarian)

*Original butter cake (only vegetarian)

*Chocolate toast (vegan & vegetarian)

*Marshmallow Biscuit (contains milk)

*Dried mango candy 


Minimum participants: 10 people/ 3500 kr

You're welcome to book the event even if you have less than minimum participants. Food will be provided as for 10 people's portion.

Please find below options for more than 10 people. Welcome to in contact with us at if you have any questions

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